Hair Mistakes Every Bride Should Avoid On Her Wedding Day

Hi there! Been a while? How was the Easter break and i hope you had time to hang out in one of the interesting places i suggested? Well mine was fun, went for my church’s Easter Youth Camp and i met amazing people.

Is it just me or have you also noticed that some brides hairstyle turn out bad on the D day? Well, i’m going to give you tips on how to avoid hair mistakes.       Continue reading “Hair Mistakes Every Bride Should Avoid On Her Wedding Day”

Loyalty and Friendship

Huber Humphrey said “good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Have you ever had a friend you really care so much about and would do anything just to see him or her smile? Then you realize that the friend you care so much about has been living a lie with you all these while. Could be heartbreaking. And you wonder what happened to being loyal? Continue reading “Loyalty and Friendship”

Cool places to hang out this Easter

Hey there! Trust you had a great weekend like i did. And i’m sure you are looking forward to the Easter break.  i’m also looking forward to the break because I have so many cool places i’d love to visit. So i remember i said i would continue with the list of cool hang out spots in Lagos with you, so maybe you can find time during the Easter break and visit. Who knows? We could get to meet. Continue reading “Cool places to hang out this Easter”