Cool Hang out Spots in Lagos

Hi! I know i said i would be consistent with my post the last time but something just keeps coming up.

I moved to my apartment and have been busy setting up. It’s not easy being an adult especially in this “recession”.  So anyway we had a Company hang out last weekend and I had so much fun I didn’t believe that cool places like that existed in Lagos and guess what, they are affordable. So I’m going to share them with you for you to check those places out. 


Tips For Choosing The Perfect Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Location

Hi there! Been a while.

So i was going through my Facebook page which i haven’t done in a while and i saw a post by Sarahgold Events and Media Consult on Pre Wedding Photo Shoot and was very detailed so i thought why not share with you. I hope you enjoy it like I did.

There are a number of factors that come into play when you settle down to choosing the location but most importantly make sure the location suits your personality…Check out this tips. 


Top Ten Event Centres in Ikeja

Hello Everyone, its another Saturday or in other words another day for “Owambe”

When it comes to planning an Event, whether it’s a Wedding or Birthday or a Get together, one of the important factors if not the most important Factor is the Venue – where the Event would hold. As you would agree with with me Ikeja, located  in the heart of Lagos is always bustling with Events and activities.

And so today, I have been able to come up with top 10 Event Centres in Ikeja which are ranked in no particular order.

1. Classique Events Place:  located in a serene Environment, making it convenient to host Weddings, birthdays, Corporate functions, Religious Programs of any Event at all. So whether your Guest List is about 500 or about 1200, the Pearl and Topaz hall would be able to accommodate them in Banquet seating and take double of that in Theatre seating
Its parking space can accommodate over 300 cars within the premises without obstructing free flow of traffic along the high way.                                         Classique Event Centre


Gift Ideas For Him This Valentine

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Men

The Valentine’s Day is here already ladies. Are you yet to buy something special for your man? Blame your hectic schedule or your forgetfulness, but plan for a romantic gift without further delay. Don’t worry, you need not run for some expensive stuff.

If you have no time, even a handmade gift can make him happy, as your effort is there. However, check out some last minute gift ideas for him for Valentine’s Day.